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Special Episode: Living in Limbo – Why are you choosing NOT to choose?

March 9, 2020

When faced with a difficult decision in life, why do we choose not to choose? Are you in a situation where you are unhappy, but won't move on? If so, you are on the fence and this is the show for you. 

Limbo is defined as an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition. Life coach Stephanie Zamora describes limbo as the birthplace of unfulfillment, depression, frustration, isolation and general fatigue. Don't stay on the fence of life. The time is now to make that choice to leave, or stay and fully engage. Perhaps you need to leave that job, or start that business. Whatever you do, just remember, NOTHING happens on the fence. 

Jess Garcia is a dating and partnership coach and has helped hundreds of people get off the fence and create the life and love they truly desire. Jess is the founder of Shift To We, where she empowers singles to create joy in dating and ease in partnerships. Jess facilitates the Clean Slate Dating Refresh where she works with groups of people to heal and move beyond the barriers of the past so that they can enjoy healthy love. 

Find out more about Jess's Clean Slate Dating Refresh Program.