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Ep2: Radical Truth: You can’t heal what you don’t reveal

Ep2: Radical Truth: You can’t heal what you don’t reveal

February 12, 2020

After a difficult relationship, many of us often retell the story to ourselves and to others in a way that portrays us as the victim. While we may have been victimized, or wrongfully treated, we did have choices along the way that could have changed the experience. Once we begin to look at some of the signs that we ignored, things we didn't say, things we didn't do, we can then begin the process of telling the truth... and that is when true healing takes place. It's time to be radically honest!

Guest, Kiantha Duncan is an avid writer, artist and philanthropist. In her profession she serves as a Program Officer at Empire Health Foundation. For over 20 years Kiantha has been recognized nationally as a community advocate, mobilizer and leader.

Through her radio show "Two Brown Ladies and a Microphone", Kiantha and her cohost speak candidly from the heart to enlighten their listeners with soulful opinions, advice and support navigating day to day life.

Check out Kiantha's Ted Talk on being a Perfect 10, where she talks about the 10 points of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that put us at risk of disease, social and emotional problems, stunted mental, physical, psychological and even spiritual development. Particularly for women of color.

Ep1: Reclaiming Your Life: After all hell breaks loose

Ep1: Reclaiming Your Life: After all hell breaks loose

January 28, 2020

If you have ever been in a relationship where all hell broke loose, everything you knew, your identity, your life, your family, were all completely rocked, then this is the show for you.

Rebekah Michelle unapologetically tells her story of survival and redemption. After years of manipulation, emotional abuse, and infidelity Rebekah found a way to escape the pit of silence, perfectionism and people pleasing to gain her freedom.

Through her book, Built to Break: When God Writes Your Story and All Hell Breaks Loose, Rebekah is standing up for all women to break the chains of abuse, gain confidence and begin the process of acknowledging, healing and eventually breaking free to tell their own stories.

Learn more about Rebekah at www.rebekahmichelle.com.